Day 4: Heartfulness for a Someone You Don't Like

Welcome to the Awaken Heart Project! If you didn’t receive the intro email, you can read it here. Basically, read the below, do the meditation, and respond to the prompt via the comments (and if you don’t want to respond, just write “Completed”).

Heartfulness practice is about sending love and good vibes with a meditation practice that involves repeated phrases (“May I/you/we be safe, happy, healthy, and live with ease”), a focus on the heart space in the body, and, if you want, visualizations.

Today, we’re going to send love to someone we don’t like. This can be a challenging practice. Select the person who feels right to you at this moment to try sending good wishes to - and we recommend someone you have just a mild dislike for, instead of someone you totally hate. However you react to this practice, just notice it, and come back to the phrases and the breath - it’ll be over soon enough. :) Pick your person and hit play!

Thanks for practicing with us! In the comments, leave 1-3 words that describe or reflect upon your experience of this practice (or just write “Completed” if you don’t want to so we know you did it, just so we can keep track :).