Welcome to the first Awaken Daily Practice Test Group

Hey everyone!

First and foremost, thank you so much for signing up. I wanted shoot out a quick email explaining what we’ll be doing before we get started Sunday evening, 6/16. 

The short version is that we’ll send out a daily heartfulness meditation practice. These are inspired by metta (translated from Pali as loving-kindness) practices, and they’ll try to incorporate our focus on bridging contemplative practice and what’s going on in our world. Each of these practices involve sending loving wishes to ourselves or others, along bringing the attention to the breath in the heart space in the body. The core practice will stay the same, but each day will involve a new recipient and framing of the practice.
We’ll send out a link to a blog post with the daily practice each evening Sunday-Thursday (so you’ll have them for each weekday evening or morning, as you prefer) for 2 weeks. Here is what each practice will entail:

  1. A quick introduction to read (~1 minute or so)

  2. An audio-guided practice to listen to (~5 minutes)

  3. A short prompt to respond to afterward via the comments section. If you don’t want to respond to the prompt, you can just write “Completed” and we’ll know you did it. 

We’ll send a feedback survey on both Fridays of the 2 week test, and we’d love to schedule some calls to chat through your experience the week following the test.

As a brief note, each practice can be done seated, standing, walking, or lying down. 
All you need to do is be able to listen to the audio guidance and do the practice. You can respond to this email with any questions or comments - otherwise, expect the first practice in your inbox Sunday afternoon. Have a great weekend!

Ravi & the Awaken team

PS - you can peep the first practice here