Day 4: Heartfulness for White People within Racism

Welcome to the Awaken Heart Project! If you didn’t receive the intro email, you can read it here. Basically, read the below, do the meditation, and respond to the prompt via the comments (and if you don’t want to respond, just write “Completed”).

Heartfulness practice is about sending love and good vibes to ourselves, a specific person, or a group of people with a meditation practice that involves repeated phrases (“May I/you/we be safe, happy, healthy, and live with ease”) and a focus on the heart space in the body. This week, we’re practicing heartfulness in the context of the wounds of racism. Check out our introduction to this topic here.

Racism disproportionately harms people of color. It also fundamentally causes suffering for all people, including those racialized as “White.” The cultural, economic, social, and political preference for whiteness gives a multitude of privileges to white people - but at the same time, assimilation into the perceived race-less category of “White” cuts them off from their ancestry and a deeper sense of identity and heritage. In this process, people of color have culture and traditions, whereas white identity rests largely in an elevated and prioritized racial position, causing a profound sense of separateness and isolation. The power imbalance inherent to racism means the wounding of white people is hard to see and even harder to acknowledge, but it’s there. Today’s practice is going to involve sending love to these wounds - and remember it’s just a practice, we’re noticing how it lands on us. You can always switch to a different practice that feels more appropriate at any point.

Thanks for practicing with us! In the comments, leave 1-3 words that describe or reflect upon your experience of this practice (or just write “Completed”). Especially given the content of this week, please do what you need to take care of yourself, and reach out if you want to talk.