Week 2 - Heartfulness in the Midst of Racism

Racism - both interpersonal and systemic - is something we’re very much still struggling with these days. Our view at Awaken is that racism is a system that both disproportionately harms certain bodies but also oppresses all of us in profound ways. We wish for a world in which all people are liberated from the numerous manifestations of racism - political, social, economic, spiritual, and so on.

The culture of our times is opening up space to look more deeply at these issues, and we’re learning more and more about how racism operates everyday. As an Indian male, I’ve both experienced racism against me (from outright hate to microaggressions) and discovered the ways in which I hold racist views - the ways in which my actions and thoughts reflect unconscious racist belief systems internalized through culture and experiences. And while the impacts of racism on specific groups of people are vastly different, this basic experience of both being racialized and holding racist views is true for all of us in one way or another.

This week we’re going to practice extending our heart to all beings who have been harmed by racism - which is all of us, and everyone who has come before us. This week explicitly *not about guilt*. Though it might be challenging, I hope it’s rewarding and healing. If you need to talk about anything at all that comes up this week, just reply to any of the messages and I would love to hop on the phone and chat.

You can find the first day’s practice here.