Caring for Others

When we're going through a tough time, we often know - at least subconsciously - what will make us feel better. Whether it's certain interactions with friends and loved ones or time alone doing a certain activity, we have that intuitive sense of what we need. And so when others are encountering suffering or just having a bad day, it can feel helpful to want to give them care the same way you show it to yourself.

Susan leads this meditation on caring for others, and when I (Ravi) did it, I noticed how much I do this with my romantic partner in our everyday lives. When she's having a tough time, her preferred method of decompression is solo time, whereas I appreciate conversation and connection. So as you can imagine, if she's had a rough day at the school where she teaches, I try to engage her in conversation, but she's looking for solo down time. It doesn't always end well. :)

This meditation helped me get more deeply in touch with this dynamic and how I can be there for her in ways she wants actually wants to be supported.

Check out the meditation! It's a shorter one, and we'll continue making shorter, bite-size meditations that are easier to fit into the chaos of life (as well as longer practices, of course). As always on the app, you can add time to any of the meditations for additional unguided mindfulness practice.