Relationships & Impermanence

"I do."

I'm at that age when I'm going to a lot of weddings, and at every single one of them, there is a lot of pomp and circumstance about love and how it lasts forever. It makes me wonder if we're all on the same page - when we say the couple's love will last "forever", are we all aware that that's code for "till one of them kicks the bucket, at best"? 

More subtly, do we know that the quality of love - the flavor and texture, the interactions, the way it's expressed - is undoubtedly going to change over time? The honeymoon ends, inevitably - and, over time, everything changes about relationships.

I think at some level, we all know this, but I still find myself, in my relationships, clinging onto expectations about what I want from the other person or about the way things should be. Really, these expectations creep into relationships of all types, whether it's family, friends, work, etc. Sometimes I know I have these expectations - but other times they're entirely unconscious!

Today's meditation gets down and dirty with relationships and how they, like everything, are constantly changing. If we can recognize this impermanence, it can allow us to shift our expectations, and be more accepting of others and what happens in our relationships.