At the End of the Day...

Nobody survives. The truth of impermanence is most deeply felt with life itself; our time in this body on this planet is finite.

Today's meditation helps us contemplate this reality - with the certainty of life's end, how do we want to be remembered? What are the things we want to have done, the impact we want to have had, the legacy we leave behind?

In the Lin Miranda Manuel's (absolutely incredible*) musical Hamilton, the protagonist Alexander Hamilton wonders aloud death as he sees the bullet that will end his life whizzing towards him: "Legacy. What is a legacy? / It's planting seeds in a garden you never get to see. / I wrote some notes at the beginning of a song someone will sing for me."

(* I haven't actually seen the musical, but the soundtrack itself is mindblowingly, top-3-albums-ever-imo good. :)

What we leave behind reaches every corner of our lives - our friends and family and all the people we know (and those we don't), our communities, our society, and so on. And so our contemplation isn't specific to one part of life - it simply asks what we want our eulogy to look like, in one sentence.

Maybe that seems oppressively heavy, maybe it seems perfectly natural - however it lands on you, reflecting on this stark aspect of impermanence is part of most mindfulness traditions, and we hope you'll check out the meditation!

Finally, a quick note: I'm going to be at a meditation retreat for the next week and traveling for most of the week after, so we'll be taking a hiatus during that time, but you can find all of the last 3 meditations on the app. You can expect us back on our regular schedule of new meditations the week of April 10!

PS - in case you wanted to some examples of how awesome the Hamilton soundtrack is, here are some songs from the musical about endings and death:

  • The final duel between Hamilton and Burr, "The World Was Wide Enough" -
  • Washington telling Hamilton he's stepping down as President, performed in 2016 for President Obama at the White House, "One Last Time" -
  • Alexander and Eliza Hamilton dealing with the death of their son, "It's Quiet Uptown" -