Awaken: Social Justice meets Buddhism, in an App

Awaken is a brand new app featuring teachings and practices by Rev. angel Kyodo williams, Lama Rod Owens, and BZC Co-Founder Sensei Greg Snyder focusing on examining and undoing systems of oppression. For each membership purchased through this page, Awaken will donate 50% of the proceeds to the Brooklyn Zen Center. Buy them for yourself or as gifts - or both!

We hope to make Awaken the destination for teachings, practices, and virtual community that center social justice in a Buddhist context. We'll be releasing a conversation next month between Greg Snyder and Lama Rod Owens about Undoing Patriarchy, reflecting on the Undoing Patriarchy work that BZC has led over the past two years and including audio-guided competitive practices on the topic. Awaken is a great opportunity to both more deeply explore the intersection of Buddhism and social justice and support the Brooklyn Zen Center - see you on the app!


More About Awaken…

Revolutionary Teachers.png

Revolutionary Teachers

Our Founding Teachers - Rev. angel Kyodo williams, Lama Rod Owens, and Sensei Greg Snyder - are leading lights at the intersection of mindfulness and social change. Their books, teachings, and practice centers are pioneering the inner and outer change-making work that we so desperately need in these times.

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Practice with Your People

Awaken is for people who know we can collectively do better than the fear and hate that seem to be on the rise today.

Healing from Systems of Oppression NEW.png

Healing from Systems of Oppression

Racism. Patriarchy. Capitalism. The stress, anxiety, and trauma that results from these (and so many others) aren’t your fault - and yet we must heal from them if we are to live our best lives. Our practices bring this healing to the forefront.

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Diving Deep Into Real Life

Much more than mindfulness meditation, our practices are about using mindfulness and centering in presence to dive into our entire lives, from the joyful exploration of art, romance, and sexuality to the difficulties of confronting racism and patriarchy. Our diverse offerings include movement, artistic expression, contemplative journaling and more!

Process This Overwhelming World

Our practices address and respond to current events and social injustice, helping us not just digest and process what’s going on, but cultivate our inner wisdom and creativity in how we respond. We believe meditation is a crucial part of our resistance.