Awaken - A Totally New Kind of Meditation App

The Awaken App combines meditation, self-inquiry, and journaling through bite-sized practices that engage with today’s social, political, and cultural world.

What's your truth?


Meditation has gained quite a bit of popularity over the past few years for its stress-relieving and cognitive-enhancing effects, and yet the greatest benefits of the practice are still largely ignored by pop science and culture: a deeper understanding of who we are, the nourishing of our innate wisdom and compassion, and freedom from the habitual suffering caused by our conditioned mental patterns.

This self-exploration is incredibly beneficial - and not an inquiry that our society as a whole supports. From birth, most of us are conditioned to accept various ideas as Rock Solid Unassailable Facts, as they are the underpinnings of our society: more is better, success is monetary, competition is unquestionably good, and a thousand other truisms like these, some of which we may not even notice. Layered on top of these ideas are the value systems of our friends, families, workplaces, and so on, telling us what kinds of jobs, partners, beliefs, and activities are acceptable or not.

As we look at our minds and our lives, we find that what really matters to us sometimes gets buried under the rubble of other people’s ideas. Maybe we find ourselves in jobs we hate, relationships we want to get out of, and lives that seem fundamentally unfulfilling. We find ourselves in a society that has organized itself around a definition of human flourishing rooted in privilege, status, and consumption - a value system we perhaps don’t entirely share. Through it all, what we don’t find is ourselves.

The practice of meditation offers us a way to awaken to the entirety of our existence - and our world. It allows us to see what’s happening in our lives: how we’re constructing meaning from experience and how the way we do this can cause us suffering and stress or happiness and joy. And together, it lets us explore what a society that prioritizes wisdom and compassion might look like.

With Awaken, we offer a practice of meditation that connects us to the deepest parts of ourselves - to the wisdom that lives within all of us. Each audio-guided practice session on the app consists of a meditation and a contemplation that applies mindfulness principles to our everyday lives - from work to relationships, from habits to culture and politics. At the end of the practice, you're invited to journal and share your insights with our community. The experience is introspective, social, full of "a-ha!" moments, and, honestly, a little hard to describe with words - download the app and check it out! :)

We've got an iPhone/iPad app out right now, and are hoping to release an Android version over the next few months.


Android or non-iPhone user?

We're working on Android and web apps - that's part of the reason we're doing our Kickstarter! Please support and share it widely, as we'd love to be able to make you an Android app as fast as we can. In the meantime, let us make it up to you by delivering brand spankin' new meditations to your (email) doorstep. Let us know who you are and we'll take care of the rest.