Connecting the dots between our inner state and the outer world.

Internal peace and a just society go hand in hand. Awaken offers bite-sized mindfulness and journaling practices that engage with today’s social, political, and cultural moment. If you believe the path to a more just world involves both outer and inner work, Awaken is for you.


How Awaken Works


Awaken practices combine three core pillars of inner work. Mix and match based on what you need, and let’s see what we can build together.




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What Awaken members are saying…


“I’ve really enjoyed the conversations with the teachers, and the contemplative exercises allow for further inquiry. The teachers have broken down how internalized oppression operates in incredibly helpful ways.”


“Love is my hardest practice, which is especially clear when I read the news, experience white supremacy at work, or confront old wounds from my childhood. Awaken’s guided meditations are so timely and relevant because they’re rooted in collective liberation. It’s healing that energizes me to keep going.”


“Sh*it is crazy right now and Awaken is how I process. The teachers have this clarity that allows me to not only find my truth but keep it with me as I move through the ups and downs of life.”