As you may have noticed, we’re pretty into being the change we want to see in the world, and we strive to not only express this in our work, but also in how we organize ourselves. Given that we are in the early stages, here are some tenets that we’ll use to guide us as we go forward.


The ethos of gifting is essential to Awaken. Of course, a central part of this is gifted membership - we commit to gifting a free membership to anyone who asks for one. But we hope to find ways to move beyond just membership and extend gifting across everything we do. The wisdom of a gift is that it is unconditional - gifting does not contemplate a return or an exchange for something of equal value. Gifting can include money and objects but gifts of time and love are perhaps the most precious. We intend to bring gifting into the Awaken culture we're co-creating.

Collective Liberation

We center certain types of liberation as a necessary part of the process of collective liberation. That is, for all of us to be free and awake, we must - together - prioritize ending suffering for those most oppressed in the current incarnation of the world. Furthermore, we simultaneously realize that this is not just most expedient path for those groups, but for all people - that systems of oppression target and harm all of us, regardless of what type of body we’re in. This may seem counterintuitive, but when we examine the true effect that systems of oppression have on all people, we find that it’s though our individual experiences vary in type and intensity, these systems are a prison for all of us. 

Action for Change

We believe the app, on its own, can help cultivate the inner and social conditions conducive to changing the status quo. However, we commit to not stopping there, to using our voices, resources, and talents to cultivate change in service of collective liberation.

No Profit, Just Changemaking — Always

One day, we hope to be making not just enough money to run the app, but to invest in direct action for change. Awaken will never make a dollar of profit - if we’re able to pay for our costs, we’ll invest directly in activism and change-making efforts, either directly or via organizations we believe in. We pledge to be transparent on all financial matters, and we always invite feedback and suggestions for how to use our resources - just get in touch!


We charge a membership fee to access to our full library of meditations, conversations, and teachings, but we will never turn anyone away for lack of funds - no questions asked. If you need reduced or free access, you’ll get it - next time you're on the app, tap “Need Financial Assistance” on the membership sign up screen.

The Awaken Constellation

The app is just the first Awaken project of many - and the next one can be the one that you want to start. Whether it’s an activist endeavor or a money-making business (that donates all profit to changemaking work), our vision is to create a constellation of projects that serve the goals and embody the values of Awaken.