If your liberation is bound up with ours, let us work together.

The Awaken team is expanding! We're looking for the right folks to help us get off the ground and grow the Awaken community. We're going to add 2-4 new team members, and we're looking to add about 4-5 distinct skill sets to our team: that means we need multi-talented people. But even if you're a practitioner in just one of these fields, please apply! 

Our team is primarily Brooklyn-based at the moment, but we're international (you can catch our amazing Lead Developer, Anna, cruising the streets of Warsaw). Location is one thing we'll take into account, but being stoked about Awaken's mission is always the most important thing. Don't let not being in the NYC-area stop you from applying!

Descriptions of the various roles is below. All positions will be compensated with startup salaries (lower than market, but not nothing! :) and significant equity. We see these next hires as our Founding Team, and we're building an organization with radically egalitarian equity distribution because that's the kind of world we want to live in. Note: Women and people of color are statistically less likely to apply to jobs because they don't believe they're fully qualified - when they very often are! If you're wondering whether you spike in any of the areas below, just apply and let us figure it out.

  • Engineering - we're looking for back end or full stack software developers and are *really* trying to find an Android developer. As you might expect, even if this is your only professional skill set on this list, please apply!
  • UX/Design - mobile preferred, but anyone with expertise is someone we'd like to talk to!
  • Product Management
  • Content/Growth/Marketing - this person is key in deciding what goes on the app, and/or the words we use to describe what's on the app on our website, social media, and across the internet. Writing is one of this person's strong suits. This could be a senior person like a deeply experienced meditation teacher who can write about and even guide practices or someone less experienced who would help gather the content from our teachers and put it all together to be released on the app.
  • Hustler - there is a lot of miscellaneous stuff we have to do that doesn't necessarily fall under a specific skill set. If you're as in love with our mission as we are and are willing to learn, this role could be for you!
What skill sets would you bring to the Awaken team? *
If not in NYC, are you able to relocate. It's not at all required, we're just wondering.